Tuesday, January 15, 2013

After viewing Kristin Arola's view on "family" on her video, I was almost some what annoyed. To me it sounded as though her view on family was based off her lack of family. Bitter comments because her friends and family are proud of their children so they like to send pictures of them when they get the chance to. Get over it. Family doesn't even have to be blood but to me it's whose most important in your life, and if your friends are there for you and have children and you consider them family shouldn't you consider their children family as well? But for me I chose the word Joy. You see it around almost every holiday and it's always a joy to indulge in good food, gifts and to surround yourself with family. In the common dictionary joy means a feeling of great pleasure. It's delight, gladness, pleasure, mirth, and rejoicing.

            When it comes to almost every holiday we’re always rejoicing over something. Freedom, Christ being born, Jesus dying for our sins, rejoicing in what we’re thankful for the most. But what makes the word Joy so grand is it doesn’t have to be a holiday to feel this word. It could be felt due to getting an A on your most recent test, getting married, buying a puppy anything that makes you feel good. Or another great thing that makes this word so special is cause its something that isn’t just about you. You can bring joy to someone else’s life just by the littlest things. Complimenting someone, surprising someone, or anything of that matter. It’s a selfless word. I myself have felt a lot of joy in my life especially when it comes to going to concerts, dates and even to the movies. It’s the type of word that doesn’t even take that much effort to feel, and that’s why it’s so wonderful.

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