Monday, January 14, 2013

In Dr. Tae’s video that compared skateboarding to the learning system in schools today, he mentioned a lot of good points. Overall he stated that when it comes to schools, students should be graded on whether or not they know the information or not. Either they know it or they don’t and giving them a C, or a B or any other grade doesn’t really mean they comprehend what they’ve been taught. In skateboarding you either know the trick or you don’t, and skateboarders aren’t graded on a trick, you either land the trick or you don’t, which makes a lot of sense and once they have learned the trick they move on to the next one. When you give a student a C it doesn’t really say that they know the information but that they know it enough to slide by, so then when they move onto the next thing being taught it causes even more of a struggle for them.

I agree with Dr. Tae, I think he brought a good point across and should be really taken into consideration. It also is close to how we’ve been taught in rhetoric. We’re not graded on the average scale, so we either wrote the essay correctly or we didn’t. It makes you try harder because they teacher hasn’t given you room to just slide by. You really have to work at it. My first few essays I got an unsatisfactory. But after given a few more chances to try again, i finally got it down pat and made some huge improvements in my writing. At first I hated the grading scale, I thought it was ridiculous. I wanted to know exactly what I had in the class, but after finally watching this video it finally made since. Our teacher was pretty much letting us know that we either know it or we don’t, and if we don’t know it then we better start practicing.

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