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Advertising Rhetoric and Maslow Blog Post

      The ad I choose is a Gatorade ad that is showing an athlete working out and drinking Gatorade.. It is stating that Gatorade is in him, and it is asking is it in you? This is implying that you can be a successful athlete like the one in the picture of you drink Gatorade. This ads has to do with getting you to buy a product by thinking it will make you successful because other people are drinking it. The whole add is about a product that you drink. This falls under Maslow physiological needs on the Hierarchy of Needs. This ad is suggesting that if you drink this you will be more successful. It is done by showing someone else successful performing while using this product. This is supposed to be demonstrating how he uses the product to be successful. What makes it successful is that they are using a well -known athlete to promote their product. More people will want to drink this product if they think it is helping a star athlete to achieve his goals. This company has several athlete that are sponsored by them and they put them in ads to make people wants to buy the product.
     The real world situation presented in this ad is working out. It is trying to make people think that by drinking this product you could be more effective in working out and be successful because whoever big name athlete they decide to sponsor is drinking it and helping them make money off of it. We all know that hydration is a big key to being successful in sports but in life in general, and this again is where falls into the physiological level of needs is. They use visuals of this athlete performing and working out using their product to show how it can be used and are effective. Their choice of words makes you wonder, hey if this guy is successful he must be doing something right and drinking Gatorade will be a good way to help me reach my goals. Overall, the writer of this add is just trying to use popular star athletes to include in ads to glorify a product that is designed to help keep you hydrated during extreme exercise where you lose a lot of sweat.


My advertisement ad Is the iphone. I chose to do my blog post on an iphone because you see and hear
about it everywhere. You hear about it on the news, commercials, radio, stores and etcetera. The
iphone is a very popular source of technology. There are millions of people who depend on their iphone for everything. Like what would our world do without technology?  This advertisment to me is stating the iphone is an abslolute touch, meaning if you don't have an iphone you need to get one now. The advertiesment is stating having an iphone is a must!

The level of Maslow's Hierarchy for the iphone best fits the self-actualization. The Ad of the image is trying to convince you to buy the iphone. The image shows all the features on the phone. Everyone one way or another has heard of the iphone and is willing to pay hundreds of dollars to purchase one of their own. The creator of the ad is trying to convince people that the iphone is a huge catch. The creator is trying to send a message to everyone to buy the phone. The target audience of this particular item is to anyone in the world whether they are young or old. The phone shows all its features on the screen it catched the audeince attention. The phone is a black rectangular shape piece. The iphone is a top selling product. The phone has a lot of features that a computere has. The phone in this ad is trying to catch people attention by showing the feature and and saying its an absloute touch.

Megan H



The majority of people get extremely grumpy when they get hungry. I know that when I get hungry I am one of those people who complains a lot. I don't want to do anything until my belly is full. I could care less about what is going on or what someone is telling me. I just want food and I want it right then. As I say this I realize how mean this sounds. Yet, I know I can't be the only one in the world who is like this. Even the guy wearing green in this image looks like he is grumpy, he really wants that Snickers bar.

This image fits into the Physiological level of Maslow's Hierarchy. This image is trying to convince you to buy a Snickers candy bar the next time you are hungry. This image is a cartoon which draws the attention of people of all ages. No matter what age you are if you see a cartoon with words on it you are probably more than likely going to stop to see what the advertisement is about. 

There is clearly a treasure box full of treasure in the background. They are not running towards the treasure, they are running in the opposite direction. The two guys could care less about that treasure. The guy in the background threw a necklace in the air, he is way more worried about getting that Snickers. Instead they are both too worried about that delicious Snickers bar. Food is on the bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy, which means eating is very important to us, and we must fulfill this need before we can even begin to worry about anything else that is higher up on Maslow's chart. 

This image is showing how nothing is more important than satisfying your hunger needs. What better to satisfy that hunger then with a Snickers bar? If two people are willing to give up a box of buried treasure just for a snickers bar, then it must be good. Honestly, if I was hungry I would probably want a Snickers candy bar. So, the next time you get hungry, you should take the advice this image is giving as well as my own and go get a Snickers candy bar. In the end a Snickers candy bar is the best way to take care of your hunger. 

Andra W.
(Word Count 399)

Stop! in the name of..... bubble wrap?

We all love bubble wrap, right? Whether you accidentally step on it, find some in a box, or get some in the package you just got in the mail, one little pop is all it takes before the whole sheet is destroyed in a frenzy of hysterical laughter and side stitches. So this Goodyear tire ad used bubble wrap as an example of that. Sometimes it isn't easy to stop, whether it's giving in to a bubble wrap themed temptation or on the road when it's raining. This ad addressed three of our needs of safety- of our self, of our morality, and of our property. If we were to get into a wreck because of bad tires, or any other reason for that matter, there is a significant risk of damage to ourselves and to our car, both of which we would like to keep intact I presume, but there is also a risk of seriously injuring or even killing another person. If that were to happen, my self-perceived morality would be shot in the butt and I would feel that pain for the rest of my life. I don't think I'd be able to get over it, and I'm sure that's true to other people as well. And that's what this ad is playing on- our fear that something may happen and we can destroy our lives as well as the life of someone else. We need good tires to be able to stop effectively while driving, right? Because stopping effectively can save lives, right? I'm not disagreeing at all with that, because I believe it is true. That's what this ad is playing off of. It's using humor to address an issue and present to us a scenario that we never want to encounter. If these tires can prevent such a horror from occurring, they should be bought! I think this ad is effective because it brings to light something which me may not realize or something we may not want to accept- the condition our tires are in and how that could affect the lives of others, and it tells us that if we buy these tires we will never have to worry about this horrible thing ever happening to us. I realize how stupid it sounds, but think about it. What happens if the next time you try to stop at a red light in the rain for some little girl on a bike, you can't stop?

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Maslow Blog Post

        This advertisement for Snickers candy bars attempts to appeal to the physiological needs of it's audience by promise of nourishment and homeostasis.  This is because by showing two contrasting ads that involve the same man, the creator of this ad is attempting to to say that a person cannot make good choices or reach a sense of mental stability to make good decisions if they are hungry.  This can be remedied by a Snickers bar and once one (or more) is eaten, a person can finally be able to make sane, well thought-out decisions due to being well-fed.  The creator also attempts to use humour in order to make this ad more effective and have it appeal to a bit larger of an audience.  Surely a rough-and-tough ex-NFL superstar would never appear in a cute and cuddly ad for snow-globes on his own free will, right?  Well, that is because he made a bad decision when he was hungry, but thankfully Snickers candy bars saved the day - and his career!
        The ad is not only appealing to its audience by saying it attends to ones physiological needs, but in the right hand corner is what could be considered an ad within an ad.  By using an ex-NFL player and by saying Snickers sponsors the NFL, it is indirectly saying that if a person is a fan of the NFL, they can buy Snickers bars and help support one of their own forms of entertainment.  This is a situation that could be called a "win-win" for both the NFL and Snickers as both products are getting advertised by the same ad, and bring in shares of the same profits.  In summation, this ad appears to try to tell its audience that one of the best ways to appeal to its physiological needs such as food and homeostatis is to eat a Snickers bar by way of both humour and the promise of better decision making.

-Matthew S.

Word Count: 332

Advertising Rhetoric #2

            Well I know what you are thinking, a condom advertisement? Really… what the heck are you thinking? My answer: it’s the perfect example of advertisement to write about. Durex brand is a much known brand of condoms; it’s a very profitable company. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid, this advertisement by Durex is on the love/belonging portion.
The choice of the ad’s humor really draws the reader towards reading the text on the printed ad. To be quite blunt, almost everyone in the world will have sex at least once in their lifetime. Everyone has that sense of love/belonging with someone else who they are sexually intimate with.  The creator of the ad, Durex company employers, are trying to get consumers like us to buy their product or else they will end up getting a present nine months from that one “special” day. The consumers are not just men, women, too could buy these for her significant other. The text used in the ad uses humor to “warn” the consumers what would happen if they use other company’s condom rather than Durex. It’s an effect way of advertising because the humor makes you chuckle because technically it is true. If it’s a faulty made condom, you might actually end up getting a surprise in a couple months. The audience/consumers, I’m sure, definitely do not want to have children, or else they would not be using Durex’s products.
The use of the text to convince consumers like us to buy their product because there is truth behind it, which almost all of us will understand to the point it makes us chuckle or smile.
Would you want to use this brand (assuming you actually use them or are going to buy them) after seeing this printed ad for Durex condoms? I believe they did a great job in their ad and I definitely laughed when I read it.

Priyanka Bhakta
Word count: 318

Maslow Advertising Rhetoric-JF

My picture is advertising college and the availability of money at that specific college. In Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs this picture could fit in the Esteem category because it advertises achievement, self-esteem, confidence, and respect by others through advertisement’s message. The Esteem category means, in essence, that one person can be pleased with his or her self. According to Maslow, it cannot be achieved without first achieving the Physiological, Safety, and Love/belonging categories. The advertisement’s message shows achievement, confidence, and respect by others through its bold declaration, “Enroll Today. Succeed Tomorrow.” The latter statement is synonymous with achievement and confidence, and it almost demands the respect of others. The advertisement’s message also shows self-esteem through the reassurance, “Financial Aid is Available!” While this may not seem like a positive self-esteem builder, it shows that students will have help and will be able to be confident in their own financial situation.

The creator is trying to communicate that the college (Southwestern College) is not only prestigious, but also understanding to students' situations because of its cheap housing and available financial aid. This is done simply by stating it in the picture. It may have been more effective with statistics or examples, but overall it was fairly effective at communicating its message. It is effective mostly because it is straight forward and easy to understand. If there is any one specific part of the ad that draws people in would have to be the scenery and people in the background. That scenery creates the image that going to that college at Southwestern College is the right choice for the present as well as the future. It makes the target audience (in this case, the target audience is upcoming college students) want to attend because of its straight forward, confident message and by creating effective scenery.

Word count: 303

Picture location:

                I chose a health insurance commercial for my analyzing advertising Rhetoric paper. The picture depicts a woman holding a new born child with a logo under her showing the logo of the company, Gninsurance.  I began reading the quote at the top which goes very well along with the birth of the child. The comment underneath it is to show with insurance you do not have to worry about other things while being in the hospital. It implies that the insurance company will take care of your expenses while you’re in the hospital. I believe this type of advertising ranks on Maslow’s list as Safety. More specifically I believe it is a type of security for resources, health and body.
                I believe this advertising is targeted at young mothers and people who are planning on having a family. The person marketing the ad is trying to show that the finical security is protected even if you go to the hospital and have medical expenses. This is very reassuring to the person being admitted to the hospital since they are likely to be stressed previously and it would not help if they had to worry about if they could even pay the medical bill.  The advertisement is effective by showing the mother smiling and content, not upset about over medical expenses she may be racking up in the hospital. Consumers would want to buy the insurance companies market because they do not want to be in the situation of having to pay for hefty medical bills. If I was a mother I would be thinking about getting health insurance just for the fact that I know how much it costs to be in the hospital and although I would have to pay some of the expense I would rather do that than pay all of it.

Advertising Rhetoric

If the bottom of the ad is tough to read, it says, "Vicks NyQuil. The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine." This ad would fit into Maslow's level of physiological needs. Since Nyquil helps people who are sick sleep, it would fit into that category. The creator of the ad wants consumers to realize that using this product will eliminate many problems that can lead to bad sleep. To make the ad more effective, the creator uses Vince Wilfork, a professional NFL lineman. This is effective because it makes people want to be like a professional athlete and use the same products that they do. Also, if the product can help a big football player like himself, then surely it will work on the average human being. People will want to buy this product because they simply want to sleep better. Whether it is when people just cannot sleep or when they have some of the other problems listed, they are drawn to buying the product to sleep better.

Since this product is meeting someone's physiological needs, it is even more effective. If a person meets his or her physiological needs, then they can pursue their other needs on Maslow's pyramid. If people sleep well, they have a better outlook on life. They feel re-energized for the next day's tasks. Personally, when I am sick or simply cannot sleep, the first thing I turn to is NyQuil. I know it works well with me, and that I can expect to sleep well. I feel like NyQuil has kind of built up a reputation with their ads and their quality product. A lot of people I know choose NyQuil when they need something to help them sleep. Overall, I think this is very effective. Using a professional athlete, or any celebrity seems to make ads more appealing to audiences. Also, the product meets the first level of needs people need to meet before they can go to the next level according to Maslow.

David Sacre
(340 words)

Advertising Rhetoric

This isn't like your typical advertisement of promoting a particular item. Instead, this advertisement is advising you to not buy a certain product. The advertisement shows a coffin made out of cigarettes and the caption states, "Now you can stop wondering where all those cigareetes you smoked had gone?" When it comes to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, this type of advertisement falls under the safety category. This advertisement falls under the safety category because it is discussing about how cigarettes are harmful to your health and the damage it can have on your body. The advertisement also stresses the fact that cigarettes can cause death, which explains the coffin made out of cigarettes. Since the author's message is towards an audience of smokers, this will probably cause the cigarette companies to lose some buisness because of the advertisement's message towards smoking and the way it shows how it can have an impact on your body.

We have all heard about the side effects of smoking, but some of us don't realize how serious the side effects can go. Since the message behind this advertisement is so powerful, it's going to stick out more towards the reader. Personally, if I saw an advertisement like this, I would definately remember it. Just looking at the coffin makes me wonder; is smoking cigarettes really worth it? Thankfully, some people that smoke do not have any problems but you never know a couple of years from now if the side effects will start to catch up. Overall, I believe that this advertisement is very effective. The message is warning the audience about the harms of smoking. It's also very straight forward and clear. It makes the audience think twice before smoking cigarettes. This type of advertisement will benefit the health and body of society but, it will definitely not benefit cigarette companies.

Emily Shouse
(308 words).
This advertisement is about a drink which is in the psychological level of Maslow's Hierarchy. This item is within the food, water and homeostasis of the level. Gatorade is an item that the target of the young people or people that are involve in a sporting event. This is sold a lot at the parks in the when baseball and football is being played. Some of the young people just enjoy drinking this form of drink for its taste. The ad typically has the color and an athlete. This article is about a drink which is in the psychological level of Maslow's Hierarchy. This item is within the food, water and homeostasis of the level. Gatorade is an item that the target of the young people or people that are involve in a sporting event. This is sold a lot at the parks in the when baseball and football is being played. Some of the young people just enjoy drinking this form of drink for its taste. The ad typically has an athlete that is well known for a sport to be the main focus of advertising this product. This helps sell the product to the younger athletes by thinking that they have to have this product. Gatorade can help replace electrolytes if a person is sick or not feeling well it can help with homeostasis.

The drink has a form of electrolytes that help the body maintain homeostasis. This drink also maintains the ability for fluid and caloric intake. This is a widely advertised product, it's in magazines and on television. This product is a very popular item, they have developed a variety of tastes and ways that it can be consumed. This item continues to be the primary level of Maslow's Hierarchy. It is in the psychological level. When people, basically athletes need something to drink they always reach for a gatorade.

Word Count: 314


Advertising Rhetoric

                 In this advertisement it is selling Covergirl makeup. The ad is based off of Maslow’s Hierarchy under the level of esteem. In the advertisement it is trying to say that if you buy these products your makeup will look just like Taylor Swift’s. The advertisement says that if you use all these products you will get your best look. By having Taylor Swift as the model for the makeup it will make girls think that if they use the same makeup that she does it will make them pretty like her. Also, by making her skin and makeup look flawless for the ad it appeals to anyone who wants their makeup to look like that. The ad appeals to anyone who wants to gain their confidence or self-esteem.  With Taylor Swift being a pop star the ad is hoping that her fans see the advertisement and then want to go out and buy the makeup products.  

                Since the products being sold for the ad are from a world-wide known brand, it is just adding a world-wide known pop star to boost sales. Since this is a makeup advertisement the main appeal of the ad is how the makeup looks on the model and who the model is. With a famous person as the model it makes any person who wants to look just like them go out and buy those products. When the audience goes out and buys the products they are hoping that they will make them prettier and also increase their self-esteem and their confidence. The ad also says “Don’t live in someone else’s shadow.” When it says that it also appealing to people who have confidence issues and self-esteem issues. It is basically telling them that if they buy these products they will stand out more and people will start to notice them more. Overall, the ad does a great job of selling their product by putting a world-wide known name and world-wide known company on the ad.

-Megan Grimes (331)

Advertising Rhetoric

I chose to write about the Always pads advertisement because I see it just about everywhere. It is always in magazines, commercials and sometimes even big billboards. When it comes to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it is addressing safety for women’s health and their bodies. I think it fits into this category because this particular brand is about taking care of your body and being happy doing so. Whoever created this ad is stating that by using the Always pads, you will always have a happy period. Doing this attracts all kinds of people. It attracts women because periods are not always the best, and of course you will want to have a happy period. I mean, what type of woman would not want to have a happy period? It can also address to men because men do not like it when women are cranky while they it is their time of the month.

Whenever I see these advertisements in magazines and even in commercials, I just seem to laugh a little bit. Not many girls would say that their period is happy, unless of course they are having worries about even having one at the time. This ad does a great job with presenting the whole “having a happy period” thing very well. The people in the ads are always happy and just do not seem to mind being on their period just because they are using the Always pads. I personally would not be affected by this ad because I know just by using one particular brand; it will never seem to bring me a happy period. If people read this particular ad and think that just by using this brand, it will give them always give them a happy period then I think they are absolutely crazy.

Brooke Kinney (303)

media analysis

               Since this is a piece of advertising for a laxative, it really appeals to the need to excrete. The creator of the ad is trying to prove that you should buy these laxatives over others for their prowess in making you defecate. This ad appeals almost entirely to your need of excretion. It is trying to prove that it enables you to purify your body of feces quickly and easily. Although this ad is fairly old, it offers these laxatives at a lower price and even a trial period just in case your feces aren't flowing fast enough. The look on the faces of the two individuals also helps portray a happy experience using this product. This ad makes it appear as if all your defecating needs will be satisfied by using this product. However, this ad is misleading in that it offers no real evidence to support this conclusion.
They claim that this is all thanks to it being an all-vegetable formula. That in some way making it consist of ingredients that are only vegetables or derived from vegetables somehow makes this a better product. There is no evidence to support any of these claims. It is relying on the common belief that vegetables are good for you and therefore so is this product. There is no evidence that helps support this notion at all that is present in this ad. They also claim that there is no harm to the digestive system as a result of using this product. Once again there is no proof that this is the case. They say all these things with no information to back it up. With no evidence defending your propositions then the ad’s argument doesn't have much to stand on. With a weak argument overall there is no reason to buy this product over any other unless your main issue was price. Even with price being an issue, the product in the ad can no longer be considered as something you can buy since this ad was made a long time ago.

-Codie Rome 342

Advertising Rhetoric and Maslow

After reading through Maslow's Hierarchy of needs I thought of Hydroxycut. I've seen these commercials all over television and magazines for years and they always seem to advertise the same things. This ad would fall under the Esteem level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. This ad shows the man before Hydroxycut alone. He doesn’t look very comfortable or confident in himself. They give him a little smirk, which indicates that he isn’t as happy as he should be. On the right is his after Hydroxycut picture. After using Hydroxycut the man takes on a completely different self-esteem. The man is tan, ripped, and has a smile on his face. The man exudes a much higher level of confidence than the man on the left. The man also appears to have a girlfriend which shows that using Hydroxycut will gain you attention and respect from women, which the man clearly didn’t have before he used Hydroxycut.

Personally, this ad wouldn't make me want to try Hydroxicut. I would be skeptical to it working, and I dont think that the two pictures are of the same men. However I feel that a lot of men would be affected by this ad in particular. Hydroycut had a good strategy here. Not only would the men be happier and more self-confident, but they may gain a girlfriend and a six pack, which are a few things that a man might be searching for in today's society. The people of Hydroxycut not only showed the medication's potential positive effects, but they use a direct quote from the man about how unbelievably fast the pill worked. If the men feel that they'll be able to look like the man on the left and have a life like his in a short amount of time, they'll definitely be interested in giving Hydroxycut a try.
- Breanna Hargrove
(307 Words)

Advertising Rhetoric

How is your mattress?  Is it hard, uncomfortable, and does it leave you with many restless nights tossing and turning?  Sleep Number lets you set your own comfort level with their mattresses, allowing you to get your sleep and also wake up pain free.  Sleep Number comes with a remote, this remote allows you to adjust the softness and firmness of both partners sleeping on it.  Sleep Number is so effective because it lets people to sleep at their own comfort level, while with previous mattresses both people would have to sleep on one firm mattress.  Since everybody functions under different conditions, it allows them to wake up feeling reenergized.  The Sleep Number is a perfect fit for anybody who has these problems.  Being able to adjust the level makes the Sleep Number so effective.  If you are one of those people who wake up with back pain and just can’t sleep then you will want to do anything to fix this.  If you were walking downtown or saw a commercial about Sleep Number, you would want to try this product.  Anything would probably be better than what you had before, right?

Sleep number ensures everybody that if you purchase their product than you will sleep comfortably through every night.  People cannot function without sleep.  If people didn’t get sleep they would wake up grouchy, not motivated, and they just wouldn’t want to do anything.  When people are able to achieve their comfort then it overall positively effects their whole day.  The effect of the Sleep Number is tremendous, without sleep you can’t function properly.  Sleep Number achieves their product excellence because their product performs well just like they say it will.  Sleep Number has a high variability, letting people with all different comfort levels sleep comfortably due to their remote.  They control the remote guaranteeing they will sleep great.

Advertising Rhetoric

I found this ad from Google images. I started dying from laughing so hard when I first laid my eyes on it. Seeing it amongst the other pictures, it really stood out and made a bold impact. It was the first picture that I was drawn too so I knew that it had to be the one I wrote about. I believe that this ad falls into the category of safety from Maslow's Chart. It's a sense of security, trying to find somewhere to go and have somewhere to call home. It’s a want of needed to feel protected and safe where ever you may be. Who ever created this product really was very cleaver in making this. He's stating that not everyone has the same opportunities and chances that other people might have. So he's stating that if we buy this magazine then the money will go towards helping the homeless (said in fine print underneath the caption).

The creature did a fantastic job, I believe, of grabbing our attention and making us aware of the issue that is clearly stated here. What really makes this advertisement effective is the heading that goes along with it. If it wasn't for the caption I don't think that the image would've had a meaning to it really what so ever. I wouldn’t have been effective to me anyway.  To me it would've just been on odd picture. This really does make me want to buy the magazine though, because I would feel good about doing so, knowing that the money was going somewhere other than a local business. It also makes me feel the need to buy one just because of the awareness that it shows and it does a really good job of making you feel bad if you pass it up and not proceed to buy it.


Word count- 308


Advertising Rhetoric

As soon as I saw our assignment I immediately thought of those cheesy Tampax ad's that I see everywhere and anywhere, but mostly throughout magazines. In Maslow's Hierarchy I believe that this photo would fit it to the safety category. In the safety category is where health stands, and I believe this ad is very much so about cleanliness and health. I mean lets get real girl's need feminine products to stay healthy and not go around nasty from day to day during their monthly visit. The creator of this ad is trying to show you that you will be better off if you invest in their product. They have very popular Serena Williams the tennis player hitting "mother nature" with a tennis ball. The caption says "Game over mother nature", this is implying that using their product will allow their time of the month to be very carefree.

You can completely tell with looking at this ad who it is directed towards and what they are trying to do throughout it to make it look more pleasant. I mean lets think this through, being a girl I know that our time of the month is the most unpleasant times of our lives. And if this ad is telling me that with using their product our periods will be simple and carefree, you best believe I will be next in line to try this out. I do believe the ad is very cheesy, especially "mother nature", but I think that its very effective to the girls that are seeing it. I'm sure tons of girls that are just starting out their periods will see this ad in one of their teeny bopper magazines and think this is the product they have to use. With them not knowing that this is not the only product that works they will think this is Gods creation to earth. This ad has done its job.

Advertising Rhetoric and Maslow Blog Post