Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Semester in Review

It's absurd that this is the last blog I will be posting this semester. When I first started this class I was excited to begin writing again. But then after all of the assignments assigned to me I thought "oh no, what have I done..and am I going to make it through." Well now I learned that I stuck it out and did it for the best. I learned so much about my writing this semester. My favorite blog that I posted this semester was the Pumped Up Kicks one. I loved analyzing it, and learning so much about the background behind the popular song. Understanding what the actual meaning of the song was was very interesting and it makes me look at other songs differently as well. These blogs make me look at everything differently and open my eyes to things I would have never seen before this class.

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  1. Although Pumped up Kicks was not my favorite, it still was close to the top of my list. I would say one of the reasons I liked it so much was because it had to deal with music, which is probably my favorite past time. I thought it was cool to see other people's takes on the video and how people saw what the song writer was trying to convey differently. It was also a song everyone had heard and had been very popular at one point. That made analyzing the lyric’s much more fun instead of some old song that not one has heard of. I found it very startling that a major amount of people did not know the song was talking about killing people since the main chorus pretty well explained. This blog to me more applied to the students, sense we were able to show a greater creativity and interpretation of the lyric’s.

    Ashley Kocanda